Ashley Murray, Kansas City Chiefs cheerleader

Dan Rowe, President of TreanorHL architecture firm

Erica Young, President of Forever Young

Akela Jones

Sara Savatovic-Hathorn

The most common symptoms of lupus are joint pain and muscle weakness, brain fog, and fatigue

Carolina Lewis

Travis Taylor

Greg Lahann, IT professional

Dr. Charles Balch, world-renowned surgeon

Chris Klieman, K-State football head coach

Zsofia Gyimes

Terrell Smith

Reilly Killeen

Zsofia Gyimes

Rhizlane Siba

Shardia Lawrence

Janeé Kassanavoid

Ifeanyi Otuonye

Kaneil Harrison

Yulisa Enriquez

Ashley Ray

Jack Lee

Brooke Ramos

Akia Guerrier